The Cobalt Cloud

Cobalt Cloud™ Hybrid is a subscription-based service for hands-on access to virtual infrastructure on a monthly subscription basis. This solution scales with business growth, so businesses pay only for the services they use.
Using these technologies we allow you to have full control of the systems provided. This solution offers a robust and flexible platform for your design.

Utilizing the best suited IBM equipment for our DataCenter matched to our current and anticipated capacity offerings, means that we are more than able to handle anticipated market growth easily.


Cobalt Cloud On Premise

Cobalt Cloud™ On Premise is designed to consolidate and optimize the performance of physical hardware through virtualization. This strategy greatly improves data centre efficiency, while reducing operational expenses. This solution is ideal for the business that desires high efficiency and redundancy by clustering technology without the worry of developing an Internet dependency.

Again, basing any kind of DataCenter implementation on inferior equipment is akin to building on a faulty foundation; we use the best matched IBM equipment for each task; both on a current needs basis and on an anticipated growth evaluation.